Self-employment plans implemented by various accounts

Self-employment plans implemented by various accounts

Self-employment plans implemented by various accounts

Details of various accounts of major schemes on self-employment, District Industries Center, District Village Development Agency, Gujarat Women's Economic Development Corporation Ltd.  Social Security Office District Backward Class Welfare Officer, Gujarat Scheduled Castes Economic Development Corporation, Social Welfare Department Scheme for Scheduled Tribes, Gujarat Minority Finance and Development Corporation Gujarat Backward Class Development Corporation Gujarat Safai Workers Development Corporation
Shri Bajpai Bankable Scheme 1) District Industries Center Shri Bajpai Bankable Scheme • The aim is to provide self-employment to the unemployed youths / youths in urban and rural areas of Gujarat.  The handicapped / blind young man / young girl with disabilities can also benefit.  • Eligibility of the Scheme: 1. Age 1 to 3 years 1. Educational Qualification: Minimum
Standard: 1 Pass or 1. Training / Experience: As per the business.  1 lakh, Rs.  1 Lakh (Total 1 get for Industry / Business / Trade / Service.) • Subsidy: Rs.  Up to Rs. 5,4 / - ST, Tribes 1% for Other, 3% for Disabled, Rs.  Maximum limit of 1% support for over 3,000 tribes, 3% for tribes, 5% for others and 5% for the disabled: (for tribes, tribes, others) Industries Rs.  1,2 / -, Rs.  5,7 / - in trade!  ૦૦૦,૦૦૦ / -
Jyoti Rural Industries Development Scheme (a) District Industries Center Jyoti Rural Industries Development Scheme (Margin Money Scheme) • Eligibility of the scheme: 1. For all new industries / business establishments in the rural areas, 2. Fixed investment per worker of Rs.  Must not exceed 1 lakh  Credit Limit: Rs.  Banks are financed for productive new projects of over Rs 1 lakh and up to 1 lakh.  • Subsidy: Rs!  Up to Rs. 5,00,000 to 3 lakhs, upto 5% upto 3 lakhs for upper caste, tribe, women, disabled and ex-servicemen and upto 1 lakh for tribes, tribes, women disabled, ex-servicemen.  5% of 1 Lakh 5% of Balance
(B) District Industries Center Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program (PMEGP) • Rs.  For setting up of projects costing more than Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1 lakh in the business services sector, at least standard: 1 must be passed.  Eligibility of Beneficiary: (1) A person above 6 years can avail.  There is no ceiling of income for getting assistance for setting up of projects under (3). Assistance will be available only for new projects approved under it.  • Maximum Project Limit: Traditional Artisans / Rural and Urban Unemployed Youth Rs.  1 lakh in the manufacturing sector, Rs. 1 lakh for business / service sector • Subsidy: (1) 5% for urban areas, 5% for urban areas (1) for tribal, tribes, OBC, minority, female, maji.  3% for urban area for soldiers with disabilities, 5% for rural area

  (A) District Industries Center Human Welfare Scheme • Rs.  Toolkits are provided for a total of 5 businesses in the limit of Rs.  • Eligibility: For the beneficiaries of the rural area, the poverty line of the District Rural Development Department must be included in the following list.  • Income limit: People living below the poverty line with annual income of Rs.  Annual Income of Rs.  1,3 / - is given to the beneficiary.
Social Welfare Accounts Scheme for Scheduled Castes (1) Scheme for Social Welfare Accounts Scheduled Caste Under the Financial Assistance Bankable Scheme for the cottage industry, half of the total cost per unit for cottage industry and small scale business, whichever is less than Rs.  Income limit for subsidy: Rs.  5,7 / - in urban areas, Rs.  1.5 / - Social Welfare Department Scheme for Scheduled Castes Human Garima Yojana For those people who want to do small business Rs.  Thousands of financial aid is provided.  Income limit: (1) Annual income Rs.  Gujarat Scheduled Caste Economic Development Corporation, which wants to do small business other than bank loan, does not have more than Rs. 5 / - Bank Scheme for Scheduled Caste Issues Living below the poverty line of Gujarat (Rs.  Rs. 1 / - less income) For Scheduled Castes Issues (1) For Business / Trade Rs.  1 lakh and (1) Industry / Rs.  Credit for cottage and small scale business up to 1 lakh unit cost is recommended.  Assistance: 5% of credit and maximum Rs.  2૦૦૦,૦૦૦ / -

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